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new member pricing
  Membership Dues Contract Dues
General Contractor $675 2/10 of 1% ($2 per $1,000) on all construction work.
Minimum contract dues - $375.
Maximum contract dues for any calendar year - $5,525.
Residential Builder $625 $325
Specialty Contractor $575 2/10 of 1% ($2 per $1,000) on all construction work.
Minimum contract dues - $375.
Maximum contract dues for any calendar year - $5,525.
Supplier/Service Provider $575 $0.00
Support $500 $0.00

AGC of Western Kentucky Bylaws - Article 4, Section 6.  A firm with subsidiaries and/or partnerships (including joint ventures) in which it holds any ownership shall pay membership dues, or the equivalent thereof, to the association for each of those subsidiaries/companies that are engaged in construction or construction-related business in the territorial jurisdiction of this chapter. Each subsidiary/company meeting the above requirement shall pay dues as determined by the Board of Directors.

My firm performs on-site construction. All General Contractors, Residential Builders, and Specialty Contractors are entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership, which include serving as an officer or director, receiving a key to the planrooms, receiving The Blueprint and other publications, the right to participate in all educational programs and social activities, and participate in group insurance programs. Companies must have at least one full-time employee other than a secretary or bookkeeper.


A Service Provider Member is a member who does not perform any on-site construction, but provides services or supplies to those who perform on-site construction.  This category is for material suppliers, equipment dealers, architects, engineers, and insurance agents. Service Providers have all the rights and privileges of General Contractor, Residential Builder, and Specialty Contractor Members, with the exception that they cannot serve as President, Vice President or Treasurer of the Association.


A Support Member is a member who is not actively engaged in on-site construction or does not receive a substantial portion of his/her income from the construction industry, but may wish to take advantage of the insurance programs, educational programs, or social activities.  A support member shall not be eligible to vote, to hold office, to receive The Blueprint, or receive any association services other than those specifically mentioned above.


All general contractors, residential builders, and specialty contractors who actively engage in job site construction shall be required to pay 2/10 of 1% ($2.00 per $1,000) on all construction work.  The maximum contract dues for any calendar year shall be $5,525.  (The member shall not be required to pay on work subcontracted to other members of this association for construction work.  Material suppliers such as ready-mix concrete and lumber suppli­ers are not to be treated as subcontractors.  Contract dues shall not be as­sessed on single contracts under $5,000 each for service work.  Contract dues shall not be assessed on residential construction.  Note for clarification:  Residential work consists of one single family dwelling or one duplex dwelling on one lot.)

Firms holding multiple memberships shall be required to pay con­tract dues on all wholly-owned subsidiaries involved in on-site con­struction in the territorial jurisdiction of this chapter up to a maxi­mum of $8,000 for all firms combined.

All members engaged in construction site work shall report monthly on forms provided by the Chapter all contracts or subcon­tracts received by the member in the previous month.  These forms shall be called contract dues reporting forms and they may be reviewed by the Board of Directors at each monthly meeting.  Visiting contractors shall pay the same rate for con­tract dues, 2/10 of 1%, as local members of the association.  The maxi­mum con­tract dues for any member shall be five thousand five hundred twenty five dollars ($5,525) per year.


All General Contractors and Specialty Contractors shall be required to pay a minimum of $375 per calendar year in contract dues.  All Residential Builders shall be required to pay a minimum of $325 per calendar year in contract dues.

Tax Deductible Information/Notes

Your membership dues to Associated General Contractors of Western Kentucky are deductible expenses for Federal income tax purposes as ordinary and necessary business expense according to IRS Code Section 162 (e). Notice of non-deductibility of portion of dues for federal income tax purposes: Contributions or gifts to the Associated General Contractors of Western Kentucky are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. Pursuant to Public Law 103-66, 3.25% of Associated General Contractors of Western Kentucky dues which is allocable to lobbying expenses are not deductible from federal income taxes as a business expense.

As a member of AGC, you will receive notices about membership events, services and training that will be sent to you through email. Such emails may contain solicitations about these events and services, and you are consenting to receipt of such emails.

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